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Originally Posted by rexorama View Post
The attitude comes from dealing with peoples bull****. I don't walk up to people and just act like a jacka$$, it's in response to crap people like you pull. Why don't you tell everyone how you screwed over Nate? Showing up half way through a job and expecting full pay for it. Letting him do all the work to make templates for your brackets while you just work on **** for your car and then taking all the credit for the parts he produced on other forums like 2.5rs.

Or how about when we all meet, you, me, Nate, and Kagen, to discuss getting on with the forum in a positive way and as we all came up with things we would like to get done the 3 of us would take on responsibility and you just sat there and said nothing and didn't offer any help with anything. You really want to have it out in public? Let's go for it I'm game.

wow ok sure lets see... we had a time set to start on that job and nate started early on it even though we had a time to start, and he was fine with going halfway on it it, was only like 30min. and i finished up the work to make up that time..... second.. coming up to people and acting as a jackass... ok well would all you who i have acted like a jackass please come forward.... sorry nate didnt do any brackets for any of my work... i did them.. all he allowed me was the use of his plasma cutter and the ones i cut out for others i made braces for we had a agreed on amount i would pay him, so i have no fing idea where you're getting you false information... and we didnt make any parts that we put up on 2.5rs.. if he did that was stuff he did on his own.... and i never took any credit for them....

and as far as the meeting i did come up with getting the forum organized better as it has info everywhere and was always a pain in the ass to search... but that idea was shot down pretty quickly..we came up with 3 other things we needed done first.. and i asked what i can do and all that was said was just help anyone out that needs help.. which i did offer many times...

i could go list out all the BS ways you have dealt with people but im not gonna stoop to your low... bottom line is people are sick and tired of your BS attitude and being treated like crap... theres a reason theres what maybe 2-3 active members left from the 20-30 we had at the start of last year.. all of them are sick of your BS including nate on more then one occasions(there is a reason he left for a period of time last year)...
yes you own the site and thats fine but its a forum not a physical entity so trying to limit who can be on there based on whether you like them or like makes you look like an asshat and as more and more people meet you they get turned off.. and somehow alot of them make it into my store where i have to hear it...hell i remember a certain admin getting about 20ppl coming to him all night at last years LM meet because they where pissed off because of your attitude...
say what you wanna say and bash me how you want it really doesnt matter you have created this whole mess and pissed people off and whatever you say wont change how they see you...
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