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Originally Posted by quentinberg007 View Post
Didn't read. :LOL: I figure a lot like Vw's higher power diesels, they would get neutered when they came stateside.
I'm on the fence with the power. For what my TDI is, I can say it has way more guts than I expect or need. I might have taken the 118hp 1.8L had they offered it - would have felt like a regular gas 2.X liter 160hp and got 50+ mpg fill-ups instead of 40. But... 118hp, geeze.

I do think the 140hp 2.0 was the right balance of impressing 'muricans with power and mileage, vs. say, BMW foolishly tossing a big monster 6 cyl diesel into the 3 series which got good mileage, cost a ton and nobody bought - torque be damned. Note their 4 cyl diesels on the way over now.

If Mazda can get me the same 40 mpg fill-ups with 170 hp, then that's bomb. Unfortunately it will only be in sedan form so it won't get a chance to happen.

Originally Posted by gpshumway View Post
It's a combination of the HPFP, intercooler icing/hydrolocking, and most importantly the way VW treats customers who experience these problems. If I were being complete in my statement I guess VW and their dealer network emit more steam than the car itself, though there are clearly some design issues.
Ah yes, the customer service. And HPFP.

I'll bet a Cruze Eco gets about exactly the same mileage as a Jetta Tdi sedan.
Yes, but the hypermiler little gas cars are dogs, no power OR torque.

I sincerely hope you never experience the hydrolocking problem. The cars are great to drive, but the company that makes them will not be getting my business any time soon.
I got hydrolocked like a boss, twice. And I had a dozen stumble start/stalls. So I got it bad. No HPFP, but yea. I was feeling a little mixed about the dealership but I'm solidly saying F 'em now. They lollygagged the first 2 times I brought the car in for the iced intercooler problem, and it wasn't until I found out about the issue myself via forums etc. that they actually took action the third time I brought it in (finally on a flat-bed.) They found moisture and put a fix kit on order for me. Various things happened and it took 6 months to get the kit installed but overall left me feeling only very slight disgust.

Then I came for some non-free 40,000 mile service stuff, including tire rotation. I get the car back, no tires rotated. I call it out, service advisor calls the garage, tech says "we rotated left to right." WTF. They refund me, I go home and rotate myself, there was obviously no rotation at all (who on earth would have done left to right anyhow??? Maybe at the track???) I promptly checked everything else they were supposed to do, luckily it was the only work they omitted. So my VW dealership experience has fallen in line with everyone else now. Bad.

Sadly, if I buy either a Subaru, BMW (two most likely candidates for next car) or obviously VW (new golf in wagon form with non-time-bomb TDI engine is tempting) I will be dealing with precisely the same dealership unless I feel like driving 2 hours anytime I need a dealer to see my car.
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