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to stock is a project too


Well I did some work on my car today. I actually originally came down to get the RS running for my daily driver but my car luck strikes again. Once I had swapped a new motor into the RS I discovered an oil leak out of what was likely the oil pump o-ring and crank seal. Since the engine had a warranty and they were going to cover most of it I decided to have the dealership do it so ti could be done in a day. Well I noticed oil on the back of the engine crossmember as well and was concerned the rear main seal was bad as well.

I took it to the dealer and they basically said the rear baffle was likely leaking. This means all my work swapping the engine was for nothing and it would have to come back out so I said don't do anything. So, now I'm in the situation I didnt' want to be in, getting colder out and no good DD for winter. I may have to buy something else and just sell the RS but I really don't want to since the body is rust free and I wanted to do a swap in the future.

So, I decided to a little work on the legacy to see if by some miracle I could get that figured out and just drive that. I didn't really do much work but I let the car warm up and the fans don't turn on, it went to 220 F before I shut it off. The upper and lower radiator hose did get warm so it seems like the thermostat is ok but it's still uncertain. I just don't get why the fans don't turn on but the gauge works and I was watching the coolant temp rise on a OBD 2 scanner so that info must be getting to the ecu. The fans also turn on with the green connectors connected so I have no idea what the F the issue is.

I put the front bumper on and put the fogs in since I'm pretty sure I won't need to access that stuff for diagnostics. I also put in the newer door cards I got and door speakers just to make some progress.

I partly want to pull the dash again but when I tightened the SMJ plug the bolt snapped...again my luck is amazing so I don't know if I can separate it without a lot of work.

I'll try and figure some things out tomorrow but prob won't get much accomplished.

Anyways, here is a photo for fun haha.

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