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to stock is a project too


Originally Posted by JoeT View Post
During my escapades, I ran into a problem with the fans myself, when I used the stock ECU to control the fans, it would never turn on, so I rewired the fan relays to work through the Autronic. Wanna know the root cause.... LOL

Anyways, even though the NA Subaru Temp sensors look the same between the NA Legacy GT and the STI, they are completely different. They are both 3 wire types but the STI one didn`t work properly with the NA Fans.

Root cause: STI Water Temp sensor not working with NA ECU. In your case, I don`t know which ecu you`re using or water temp sensor you`re using, but it`s a simple thing to test.
I am using a STi sensor and a 2004 STi ecu, I don't remember the exact year of sensor but I know it was 04-07 and they had the same part numbers because I checked to try and avoid this very issue haha.

I finally just installed the accessport and discovered that the ecu is telling fan #1 to turn on at 205 degrees, and it spun for about a second then stops. However it is still being told to be "on" since the switch reads "1".

Everytime the fans have ran in diagnostic mode and they run constantly when I unplug the sensor it is at high speed. Maybe it's something bad with the fan if it's trying to run slow, or the ecu has an issue. But I am not sure how the ecu would have an issue if it works in the other scenarios unless the ecu is bypassed in the diagnostics and unplugged scenarios.

Originally Posted by Patrick Olsen View Post
If you just need to get a car on the road, you could pretty easily rig a toggle switch and a relay from Radio Shack to run the fans and just manually control the temperature. Obviously that's not the final answer, but if that's the last thing you're waiting on to get it going, it'll work for the short term.
Yea that is true but not something I want to do right at this moment. I'd probably get a different daily driver instead.

It's so close!!! I just want it to drive.

at this rate I'm just accumulating subarus...I may have to buy another to drive haha.

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