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Originally Posted by gmbart View Post
lol......wish this was the case.. come work with me for a week and talk to all the people who come in and have something to say about that.....people will only put up with crap for so long till a revolution is born...
People talk crap about you too Bart. Don't be so naive. It doesn't bother me people don't like me. It only bothers me when people make accusations about me but don't have the balls to make them directly to me.

Originally Posted by gmbart View Post
well being you wherent there when me and nate worked together and dont even know the destails why we stopped id shut your mouth nate had personel stuff in his life that needed to be resolved and needed the time we where spending working together for that.
I know all of the details. Nate and I would discuss things all the time.

Originally Posted by gmbart View Post
lol... wow youre gonna dig in the sewer to bash me
If that's where your character is then that's where it is. I didn't come here to bash you I came here because you're bashing me. Get it straight. You opened your mouth, I responded. What you don't realize is I don't care if a few people don't like me. You're never going to make everyone happy in life. But I don't run around bashing others because of this. I only respond to accusations made of me.

Originally Posted by wakeabyss View Post
This was the statement that really started it off for me Jeff. Forming a strong opinion on something that you knew nothing about. Then when you moved here, the way you conducted business in the forum was a self-fulfilled prophesy of your attitude.... Closed minded. You've already made up your mind and there's no alternative. No one else can be right, or you'll get the last say, then you lock the thread. I know that many of the members aren't speaking up about your ineptness of being able to carry on a discussion without offending someone because they get next to free service out of you. So, why would they bite the hand that feeds them. But for those that actually do know a thing or two about a Subaru, you speak down to which in these cases are demeaning.

Side note, did you move out of East Boise?
Perhaps you could've addressed my questions before moving here and educated me on the subject. I apologize if I offended you. I've learned that it shouldn't have been a concern at all. Unfortunately my conversations with people that had issue got the better of me before I made my own judgement. I try to learn from my mistakes and live a better life every day.

I don't know what threads you speak of that were locked because I disagreed with something. Only threads I locked were the ones where you got nasty to me or someone got nasty with someone else. You know, the ones where you edited your posts? Nothing has ever been locked because of a simple difference in opinion. You can verify this with Nate because if something was locked, it was discussed between us. There's an entire Admin section where matters such as these are discussed. Bart can verify this as he was once a part of it.

If people don't speak up because they want a hand with their car even though they have a poor opinion of me, well that doesn't make me a bad person. Quite the opposite. Looks like you're part of this boat, Greg. I'm not dumb. I know who doesn't like me. But I don't dwell on it and I don't let it bother me.

You know, Nate and I worked hard on getting something going. We put in a lot of effort at the get go. We were the only ones that put any effort into coordinating any kind of event. What we got in response was a lot of people that wanted things their way and got upset if we disagreed. You don't know half of the crap we dealt with and, for the most part, the people that currently have issue with me were part of this crowd. I asked for help with a logo and received none. I asked for help coordinating events and received very little. IMO if people aren't willing to put any effort into the community then their opinion when something goes a way they don't like doesn't matter much to me. We started the forum to try and establish a community and I wanted to make friends and instead we got a lot of grief, and now you've brought your grief to this thread, which is the only reason I'm here right now. Otherwise you wouldn't here a word from me and life would go on but I guess some people will always dwell in the past.
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