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Originally Posted by mikereiser View Post
good thread, thanks.

also another good read, more on the subject of fade:

from this article
"Our objective here was primarily to test brake fade, not stopping distances. Assuming a brake system is properly balanced, strong enough to lock a wheel, and not yet hot enough to fade, the stopping distance is largely a function of tire traction, not brakes. Think of it this way: All brake systems, stock and aftermarket, are able to activate the ABS, so how could a stronger brake shorten a stop? Eric Dahl, a brake engineer from Brembo, put it this way: "Don't expect the brake kits to stop you sooner, but expect the 20th lap to feel like the first."
Exactly. Just keep in mind, this thread is written to cover the mindset of "I added 100hp now I have to upgrade the brakes or I will be driving an unsafe car" Because that mindset is thinking about panic stops. Not repeated racetrack braking situations. A car moving at say 60mph takes the same amount of force to stop if it has 1hp or 1,000,000hp. If you are worried about someone pulling out and you are doing 90 where you used to be doing 60, then you are likely just driving like an ass hole and its YOU that needs fixing not the car (Not judging anyone, we are ALL guilty of driving like a dick every now and then, myself included)
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