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Originally Posted by LIQUIDSK8S View Post
Really....... care to back up that claim with a source. I would be shocked if it weighs more than 1lb less than the F50 kit.
*shrug* go pick one up. I was about to buy it, cash in hand. Then I picked it up. It was ridiculous. (speaking of the brembo gran turismo kit)

My source is me. I picked it up. It was retarded. I was willing to put something I didn't need, on my car because it looks INSANE. But not at the cost of easily trippling the weight of the brakes that were there.

I am taking a bit of a guess on this, but I would be surprised if it didn't weigh double the stock STI front brake setup. And again, 99.999% of people, already are incapable of making use of the full potential of the stock STI calipers/rotors. (leaving out ham fisted driving that can fade brakes in a parking lot) Sure, ok you are one of the .0001% that could make use of it, but you HAVE to know (I am sure you do) that you are in the incredibly small minority on nasioc. So what applies to you far from applies to everyone (not everything, but certain points of this)

As for the rest, we could sit and pointlessly argue back and forth, but in the end, none of that really has much to do with the entire reason this thread exists. Which is street cars, on the street, someone pulls out in front of you or light changes and you have to stop FAST. In which case, nothing but tires will help you.
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