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Originally Posted by black318i View Post
Dear D bag in the black Escalade. The turn lane is for turning not going straight and pushing someone over to the next lane as you cross the intersection.
Oh my gosh, I can't stand people that do that!

Dear kid on the skateboard,
I passed you riding your plank with wheels down the middle of the opposing lane of Canistear Rd. yesterday... with a line of cars behind you! Next time, I will do more than shout "get out of the road" as I pass by you. Get out of the road you idiot! It's a wonder you're still alive.

Sincerely, the guy in the F550 who will blow your ears off with the horn next time

Dear driver of the I-couldn't-tell-because-it-was-too-dark,

The next time you have a choice of hitting a raccoon or getting into a head-on collision at the bad S-bend of Canistear Road, hit the freaking raccoon! The last thing I need is to come around the first bend in my mom's Prius (luckily doing the speed limit) and see you in my lane because you felt that it was more important to avoid a nocturnal mammal than to avoid a 1 ton car. It's a good thing I obey the speed limit and know how to use my brakes and horn, especially since my grandfather had a head-on at that very S-bend because some woman (keyword) was adjusting her radio. Please don't ever drive again.

Sincerely, the guy heading home after helping his mother pick out a new printer for 2 hours
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