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if you're just streeting around, weight doesnt matter too much...take it from me, im using several differnt wheels on my
different cars and the difference is so slim that its not even worth measuring on the streets. now for race applications the difference will probably be pretty large.

my actual experience:
1. mille HT3 17x7 (22.3lbs) vs SSR Comps 17x7.5 (12.5lbs)
tires used sumi HTR+ vs S03 both 225/45/17.

only minimal change during initial acceleration and initial
braking. otherwise, i couldnt tell.

2. different car:
factory 21lbs wheel vs SSR IntegralA2 17x7 (17lbs)

no difference at all that i could tell... but much better looks.

3. different car:
factory 16lbs wheel vs junk GT-N replica 20lbs

no difference at all that i could tell...but much better looks.

i drive my car intensely (like back to back wheel changes, etc)
but i seriously couldnt tell the difference on the streets...

conclusion: for street, get the wheel that satisfies the cosmetics of the car.
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