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1993 Impreza
OD Green

OMGHi2U ASF Impreza L OD Green "Crotch Car"

This will serve as documentation from commuter zero to 600whp lightweight hero.

Where to begin?
Part way through the beginning, of course.
Car came into my life from a girl the we think might have been a stripper on the other side of the state. Anyway it started life as an EJ18 5 M/T beater AWD sedan.

Later on it was a EJ257-K hybrid sleeper powered by an old school FP Green & E85. Can you say 120+mph traps @ 4800ft above sea level in a turd?
Cobbled together on a fresh out of college & just bought a house budget. Looks yuck and went like yuck.

Here's short dyno vid hanging out with the always wonderful Boost Creep.

Looks even worse next to the R32 GTR.
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