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2002 WRX - 750WHP
9.5s @ 150mph


2011 WRX - 29,000 miles
Built Motor
Built Tranny
20G XTR - 27psi - E85
Full Bolt On's
462WHP / 492WTQ

My only car. Daily driven. Every day.

Bought it totally stock 2 years ago. Had no intention of modding it at all. Have never worked on a car before this one. Piece by piece it has become what it is today. All work has been done in my garage. I did not build the short block or assemble the tranny, but I've had a hand in everything else. All bolt on's and tranny removal done by me. Helped with swapping the motor.

The motor went out a few months after putting on the new turbo. I already had a short block ready so I was only down for a week or two. Then the tranny went out 6 months later (more boost and 4 puck clutch). Car was down for close to a month getting this all sorted out. It's my only car, and I drive it every day, so this was not convenient, lol. I borrowed vehicles while mine was down.

If you're going to modify the car, then you need to have a back up plan or money in the bank. Things do break. You need to have a way to get around, and you also need to have the resources to put the pieces back together, or you'll just end up selling it and taking a huge loss on all the work you already have into it.

So far it's been a fun ride. Some up's and down's, but I really like how the car has come along. I drive it to work every day and pick my daughter up in it on the way home. It hasn't had any daily drive-ability issues other than the two big ones (motor and tranny). I never thought I'd have a car that was as quick as this one, but I really like it, and I'm always wanting more
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