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Originally Posted by Improbus View Post
Its not just Subaru's.
If you moved the apostrophe from where it's not supposed to be and put it where it is supposed to be, the sentence becomes:
It's not just Subarus.

Originally Posted by Improbus View Post
People in the Quattro crowd have the same issues. When you run a staggered setup cornering at high speeds causes additional stress(Torque) on the center differential which will cause it to become damaged or break. It has to do with distribution of Torque on the center differential. With varying widths and sizes you change the torque distribution and the center differential is what suffers from it. As far as the wheel bearing failure in order to match rolling diameters and offsets you most likely will be using some weird combinations that weren't intended by the OEM. Wheel bearing failure can also happen when the offset strays too far from the OEM value where there are problems with the scrub radius which causes a suspension geometry change as well as extra wear on control arms and wheel bearings.
Please stop trying to provide technical explanations.

Originally Posted by Improbus View Post
While I haven't seen any proof of this yet as well, many mechanics preach about low offset ruining wheel bearings. ET30 isn't that low honestly. From my mechanic he said you would need to stray into the ET20 and lower to start causing bad geometry problems.
Was he ASE certified? Otherwise, I don't believe it.

Originally Posted by murd3redSTi View Post
I have an 04 Sti, current setup is 18x9.5 rota grids with 235/40/18 tires. Grids won't clear brembos in the front so I had to run 5mm wheel spacers. I didn't use spacers in the back.. Only the front wheels. Could this mess up my diff as well?
No. Lots of folks run spacers to clear Brembos, it won't be an issue.

Originally Posted by sc00by4life View Post
I'm at 160k, and have run <et30 9"+ wheel set ups for over 80k. I am on my original wheel bearings. Thats right, they haven't needed to be changed once.
Clearly, that's not true, because NASIOC says so.
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