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Originally Posted by BigVoxjammer View Post
I was able to do my initial oil change at 3900 miles today. I originally found this thread because I was looking for someone to tell me how to get under the car, and where to find the drain plug. Impatient, I didn't wait for an answer to my queries, and just dove in. Here's my brief write-up, in case it helps others like me who were initially confused:

1) As pointed out in this thread by others, get ramps. I grabbed a pair of heavy plastic Rhino Ramps at Walmart for 43 bucks, which brought the total cost of my initial oil change to a few dollars over the dealership's cost to change the oil, but at least I have the ramps for next time. There's no way in hell you are getting to the plug without raising the car, or maybe digging a trench under the engine to crawl into....

The drain plug is to be found at the back of the engine. It is reached through a cut-out gap in the underside plastic skid plate Subaru installed under the engine.

2) I was prepared with an OEM filter (15208AA160) gotten on ebay for about 7 bucks; a five quart jug of Mobil 1 0w-20, and a sixth single quart, from Walmart for 33 bucks total; a new crush washer from the dealer for .89. Don't go to a generic parts store for the washer, because they'll try to sell you a copper washer. The crush washer serves its purpose, and you need it. Don't bother re-using the old one, though maybe you can.

3) I poured less than .3 qts into the filter and let it soak in. The rest of the five qts went into the case. I decided to run it on that much oil for a bit, and see where the stick read, in case people are correct in claiming the factory overfills the case. They don't. I'll need to add about a third of a quart more in the got dark, I got tired. I'll do it tomorrow.

I was able to measure my waste oil to EXACTLY five quarts! I know the filter has its share, so I'm pretty sure the guy with the squeeze pump at the factory had it calibrated properly. I was amazed, though, that there was no notable oil loss during the first 3900 miles, which contradicts the experience of several folks in these forums. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this assessment doesn't change in time. For what it's worth, I never noticed any oil loss when I checked the stick periodically during the last month and a half (yeah, I put those miles on it in 6 what). Also, there was no metal shavings or bits in the oil: it looked and smelled great, and looked like it could go another five thousand miles if needed, though obviously one can't know the true condition of oil without analysing it. But it sure looked good. As noted right above, you will never get the same reading twice in a row, even cold and level, with this car. Thems the breaks...I agree with the poster above: as long as it's in the ballpark, you're good to go. I'd be more concerned if I had only a burnt smudge of tar on the end of the stick. The normal readings, though, can vary considerably. Accept it, and check often!

4) After I did the oil, and put on my new oil cap (Subie bling), I washed her and detailed the interior. It smells better than new with the lovely scent of Maguires leather cleaner and conditioner. Oh, I cannot wait to drive to coffee in the morning!

Here's some pics of my first oil change, for educational purposes. I believe if you click on the pics, you'll be directed to Flickr and you can look at all the pics in my Flickr account, which are mainly snaps of my Sky Blue Sport Limited. If that's the model you're interested in (ie. if you're cruising these forums like I did in anticipation of ordering your car, or maybe waiting for her to arrive, you can look at my photos and maybe find a bit of joy to tide you over, til your Impreza comes.

As far as changing oil, I'd highly recommend Mobil 1, as they actually make a 0-20, and Walmart sells the five quart econo jug for 26.50. Some folks dig the Amsoil, which I hear is awesome, but I went for the Mobil 1 not only for its great reputation, but for the fact that, on a road trip to anywhere, I could roll into a Walmart and there it will be!

I also got the OEM filter, that has the 160 number on it. I got a three pack on ebay for 22 bucks, which never arrived, so the guy sent me a replacement order. Then, today, ironically, as I was doing the oil, some guy pulls up and leaves a package with three filters in it on my porch. The original shipment was sent to him by mistake, and that dude brought it to my door, never having opened the package. I didn't even have a chance to tell him how awesome he was. Now I have five extra filters, because I don't know that I will mail them back to the ebay seller for 10 bucks. Maybe I will. I don't know. It's a moral quandry, and I don't want to be a jerk.

Buy a Subaru crush washer for the drain plug. Don't go another route. They're less than a buck at the dealer, and they do the job right.

Thanks for reading my post, and I hope it wasn't too long and boring. I just thought it would help make this thread even more informative for someone doing an oil change on their new Impreza for the first time.

impreza oil change rhino ramps from wally world by Happy McMaster, on Flickr
impreza oil change clean oil drain pan by Happy McMaster, on Flickr
impreza oil change new crush washer by Happy McMaster, on Flickr

impreza oil change mobil 1 and the new OEM filter by Happy McMaster, on Flickr
impreza oil change new blue cap and french instructions by Happy McMaster, on Flickr
impreza oil change new bling in place...personalized! by Happy McMaster, on Flickr
Sorry kind of off topic. Where did you buy the billet steel SPT oil cap and battery hold down from? How much was it (I'm looking at around $40 for each)?
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