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Originally Posted by Zefy View Post
all right, I will give this a whirl.

Torn on what kind of motor I should build for my project.

The car is a 1979 subaru brat. General idea of what is currently done to the car:

1990 ej22e running electromotive tec3 standalone
87 RX full time 4wd trans w/ clutch type rear LSD
2.5rs brakes and hubs all round
1990 legacy rear suspension
Hotbits gravel spec coilovers all round (impreza fitment)

aaaand all the supporting bits to go along with a full drivetrain swap like this. I'm currently working on getting the bed sorted out and a roll bar made. Just got a jd^2 model 3 tubing bender so I will be making that shortly then it will be 'roadworthy'.

Here is a little video I made of the first test drive with the new everything...

This ej22, although 'freshly rebuilt' (5 years ago...) probably won't last very long as it has been frozen a few times during cold winters (no antifreeze, just water).

So my choices in my mind are as follows. I have a couple different engines available or are easy to get. NO, a cosworth longblock with huge turbo is NOT an option.

A couple of restrictions with how the car is currently setup. must use ej22e heads. I know they suck, but they are dainty compared to ej251 or DOHC heads and they are the only option that will fit in the frame rails while still allowing the subframe to fit.

1) high compression Frankenstein motor with ej22e heads and ej251 block. There are lots of things I can do with this. Cams, roller rockers and headwork probably netting the most gain as these heads are so restrictive. Worried about how quickly the power will drop off in the higher revs with this setup.

2) ej22 with some sort of forced induction. Supercharger or turbo, either will require EXTENSIVE modification to fit properly. Turbo probably more so as the 'stock' turbo location is occupied with a lot of wiring currently.

3) other ideas...? stroker...?

I also made a set of roller barrel ITBs while I was in school. They are sitting in a shoebox currently... I based the design off wgknestrick's setup. I oddly do not have a picture of the finished setup... here is a model though.

These could be incorporated if I could find a benefit besides being neato. So what say you?
Alright so this one might be a little bit out of my league but I'll shoot you some things to think about which might help you decide.

First, motor-swapping a Brat is not the most common thing in the world but it has definitely been done. I'm thinking the few people that have done it probably went the path of least resistance, which in this case would be some kind of Frankenmotor like you mention in option 1.

What kind of power are you looking to produce, because even 200hp in that thing is gonna be crazy fast.

When dealing with a car/build that has so little aftermarket/community support, it would probably be smartest to go with whatever support is available. I'm SURE you've been researching this A LOT more than me, but the turbo route seems to be a lot harder and requires a lot more custom fabrication.
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