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Default Interesting comments about Bath, Charlie's and Evergreen

Stumbled across this thread after a bad service experience this week at Charlie's.

I bought my 08' Impreza Outback Sport at Bath a couple years ago. I got a decent deal (I had no trade in), and the sales guy talked to me more than my husband. All was well, more or less, till I took it to Charlie's for oil/filter change and a sticker. The car had less than 40K on it and Charlie's said the rear brakes would not pass inspection, the front brake pads were "paper thin," and - get this - the cabin air filter behind the glove box needed to be changed. Seriously? I didn't even ask you to look at that! A trifecta of "bend over."

I was already a month late getting the sticker, and not wanting to drive around with an inspection sticker sliced in half (that is what they do up here when you car fails) I agreed to the rear brakes, oil/filter change, sticker, and nothing else.

When I came to pick up the car, they clearly did not want to give me time to examine the invoice -- just gave me a cursory "we did this this and this, grand total is this." The cute blonde behind the glass reassured me, "Oh you will get a copy." I firmly and politely told her "I would like to look over the invoice before you swipe my card please." So she finally handed it over.

The totals for labor and parts for the rear brakes -- which were actually listed as two separate "jobs" on the invoice making it totally confusing -- came to WAY more than the $280 I was quoted. The cute girl at the cashier's counter tried to talk me into paying it anyway, but I balked and finally they got the service manager over. She took a look, said "I'll be right back," then left and returned with an invoice reflecting the quoted price. Still ended up getting charged up the wazoo for everything.

Turned out the original invoice (which I wish I had kept a copy of) had charges for both resurfacing AND replacing the rotors. Sorry Charlie's, you can charge me for one or the other, but not both.

While they made right on it, I cannot help but wonder if this was no accident. How many times have they added something to an invoice hoping a customer (particularly a female) would not notice or not understand? How many people just hand them their plastic without even checking the invoice?

So I will not be going back to Charlie's again. Sorry Charlie.

BTW, I too have heard horrible reviews on Bath Subaru, mostly relative to service. Charlie's is off my list now, despite being walking distance from my work. Seeing that my Sube is now out of warrantly, I will likely take it to my local mechanic for routine stuff. He has recommended Evergreen in Auburn for anything that he does not do (like alignments). That is not exactly convenient for me but maybe I can make it work.
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