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Originally Posted by ashleysaturdays View Post
thx chappell943.

I just had a leak test done on my intake and everything was fine except the hose off my PCV.
I replaced that vacuum hose last night, I noticed it was hardened and had a small amount of oil residue built up around it. But I have a feeling it's not the cause of my problems.
I have a log of my car at idle which I believe shows my AF Learning to be good? But I am not really sure as I am trying to learn what all this stuff translates to!

Here is the datalog at idle:
The first half I am rolling to a stop, the second half of the data is actually at full stop idling.

I am still waiting to hear back from my tuner regarding these logs. Will give them a few more days to respond...

Wondering if I should I reset the ECU now that I have changed that vacuum line and I already know what my long term AF Learning is?
There are 4 values to A/F Learning - you can view them individually via A/F Learning 1 A,B,C,D, whereas the A/F Learning 1 value by itself is just the one currently being applied (so you have to pass through them to see all of them just with that parameter, which will not happen with just an idle log).

Your first log shows quite a bit of perceived knock and the "D" range A/F Learning is extreme, so there's definitely something going on there.

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