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Originally Posted by ashleysaturdays View Post
Thank you very much for your insight Bill.
Any suggestion on what my next step should be to resolve this?
As far as mechanical stuff goes I had a new front 02 sensor put in this summer, had my UP gaskets replaced, had a pressure test done at the inlet, had a compression test done (150 across all 4), spark plugs were checked and they had good coloring, 4 new DW 640 injectors installed as one had failed,...unrelated to this I also had my timing belt done.
I feel like I have checked everything mechanical at this point so should I contact a tuner to look at my map?
Is there anything I am leaving out?
Thx for all the help.
I would contact your tuner regardless - they know how the car was running when they tuned it, how the map is set up and how it should be responding.

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