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Originally Posted by 53x12 View Post
No offense but you are confusing objective with subjective. You meant to use "subjective."

Objective means something that can consistently be measured to be the same by two separate individuals/groups. Say the height, weight, length, hp...etc. of a car. Those are all objective values. The height of a stock Impreza WRX will be the same in NYC as it will be in LA. Same with the weight of a stock car. Those are objective values. They are independent of any opinions.

Subjective is the opposite. It takes into account your personal feelings, beliefs, past history, perspective...etc. and allows you to come to a conclusion. Like stating MBP or DGM are the best colors on a car. That is subjective. So I laugh when you state that something has objective good lucks. That is an oxymoron.
No, I meant objective. I know the difference, I was not born yesterday. The SH Forester is a conservative design that does not mess with the traditional SUV looks like past subaru models have. It has a traditional 2 box shape, rectangular non-bulbous headlights, and normal looking wheel arch lines. It doesn't have the "WTF were they going for here" looks that subaru models usually have with curves that go nowhere, random shapes thrown in for no reason, and headlights that stick out the side of the car. Subjectively, many people have emotional attachments to Subaru's designs so they think, in their opinion, they are good looking. In reality they are hideous but they grow on you because you form emotional attachments to the car itself, so in your mind it becomes better looking. This is why whenever a new Subaru is introduced, people think it is the ugliest thing ever, then after it has been out for a while rallying in the mud and having crazy melon launcher exhausts stuck on it, people think it is the best looking car ever. There is an objective aspect to design.
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