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I guess the study of aesthetics, design, and the engineering aspects of design are just un-founded opinion then?

An object has an appearance. It's appearance is factual. It can be dimensionally measured, it's color, texture, hardness, and other aspects can be measured. The looks are objective.

A set of appearance traits that generates the same opinion in almost all, and certainly the vast majority and plurality of viewers... that they think it looks good... is considered to be objective good looks.

The plurality of viewers having a BAD reaction to a specific set of traits would be considered to be objectively bad looks.

A mixed reaction, is something of more controversy.

Saying that object A, compared to object B, has more objective traits in common with other objects that are widely accepted as good looking is a valid estimation, and an objective evaluation. It is objective because the person making the evaluation is doing so without a high degree of personal investment in favoring A over B.

In this case... SH Forester is object A, Previous Foresters would be Object B or C. Saying that A has more design traits in common with other vehicles that are considered by almost everyone to be good or great designs, is an objective evaluation.

Saying that you like Object B or C, because perhaps you used to have one, and you though it was a good car for you, is subjective, because you are basing it on your internal opinion, and not comparing it on an aesthetic level to other archetype vehicles.

So, YES there are objective, analytical evaluations of aesthetics, even if there are subjective aspects of human response to an object.

There is truth in beauty. Truth is objective at it's core, even if it is surrounded by subjective opinion.

Nature has pristine examples of truth in beauty. Human enterprises and constructs can approach truth in beauty, some things closer than others. That is aesthetics.

There are contrarians who have negative subjective opinions about what others think is classically and truly beautiful, including examples of designs considered masterpieces.

A contrarian opinion disagrees with, but does not disprove the truth in aesthetic beauty.

Let me guess... you probably don't believe in objective truth (things exist regardless of perception, not as a function of perception), or morality either. (there are things that are actually right or wrong for anyone and everyone, not self-determined)'

You sound like a relativist in more than just aesthetics.
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