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Originally Posted by Jive Turkey View Post
i do have a polarizing filter on there, i honestly didn't have time to adjust as i was shooting with one hand reaching across the car and driving with the other

the vintage shot, i can't catch a break, he wouldn't move from the parking spot so thats what i had to work with.

i have a question, i've been looking into ND filters, any suggestions as to which one to get because i can't figure it out.
Well, you know me...not having time to adjust isn't going to cut it, and you also know I've said not to shoot while driving either if you want to get a good rolling shot Thus, you've already put yourself at a disadvantage there.

Same thing with the vintage shot...if he wouldn't move from the parking spot, then it's not worth trying to get something cool out of it unless you're going to composite it onto a completely different background. Even then, I don't think it's worth it, considering he couldn't even give you enough courtesy to move his car for a nice photo.

As far as ND filters go, it all depends on what you're going to use it for. I have both a 3-stop and an 8-stop ND filter. These resemble the f-stops on your camera, so think of it as stopping down your aperture. The higher the stop number, the less light it's going to let in. When I shoot on the track, I typically stack my 3-stop ND filter and my polarizer, which ends up being about 4.5-5 stops total. That's the key to being able to shoot slow pans in bright sunlight, like this 1/10 sec pan:

Stacking the 3-stop ND and the polarizer also works great for rig shots too:

I use the 8-stop when doing landscape stuff, since 8-stop is very, VERY dark. You honestly have a hard time seeing anything with the 8-stop on and depending on your camera, you'll more than likely have to manual focus since there won't be enough light coming in for autofocus. Here's an example using the 8-stop, with a 20-sec exposure at almost 3 pm back in March:

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