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Originally Posted by 92SVXMAN View Post
If its had a swap done to it I would say to check the cable's to the throttle are set right to keep the engine running, after its been warmed up. Under the black plastic thing on top of the engine you'll find two cable's (off center, passenger side of the engine you'll see them ), turning then to tighten them 1/4th turn at a time by moving the bolts the cable go through the bolt so more of the bolt move closer to the firewall. Then check the tech to see what the engine speed is, you'll want it about 750 to 900 RMP. Then thighten the two locking nut on each cable and then take it for a spin.
That should help and it don't cost aything.

Good luck

If I understand what you are saying, you want him to adjust his throttle cable tension so that the engine never goes to its actual idle?

I'm going to guess that he is using a manual instead of an auto, because this happens in the SVX as well when you go manual.

I don't agree with what you are suggesting, but he can do whatever he wants.

I would suggest going with the ECUTune because it works much better with the manual transmissions than the stock computer does, has a more aggressive timing map, revised fuel tables, and an option to hook up a switch if you wish to run regular gas(or E85).
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