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OMGHi2U Rotating turbo with an adapater

Moderators, if this is the wrong spot please move my thread.

Cliff Notes: I want to rotate my stock location vf39 using an adapter while keeping the STI TMIC. Not for performance gains. I want to clean up the engine bay and make my car easier to work on. My parts are pictured in this thread. How can I make it happen?

Initial thoughts, but I'm probably over simplifying - install adapter, shorten the up pipe (is that ok?) to make up for added adapter length, alter the down pipe.

Before anyone says it, my trans is an andrewtech built 5spd with straight cut ppgs i don't want the 6spd.

I'm a web developer and pretty much didn't know jack about cars when I purchased this Subaru about 4 years ago. I still don't really know jack. Did my first oil change on this. I'm really trying to learn and have been turning this into a new hobbie… something I can do offline. I've only done a limited amount of things on my own. Clutch swap, master/slave cylinder replacement, brake pads/rotors/lines, pitch mount, ac hard lines/compressors/condensor removal, air pump, valves and lines removal, cowl braces, trans mount and cross member bushings, spark plugs.

Would like to rotate my stock location vf39 turbo using an adapter. Not for performance gains. My goal for now is to just clean my engine bay up and make the car easier to work on. The kicker is I also I want to keep my STI TMIC until I'm ready to invest the cash into a full kit.

ps- I'm completely cool with removing things that aren't needed if I can.

Sorry my post is so long, but trying to be complete. Feel free to help me or tell me ideas/car sucks. It's all good. Or that I'm way over simplifying and what I'd really need to do to make this happen.

Here is the car as it sits now:

Here is the adapter I want to use (original thread about adapter):

Here is my up pipe (mad dad ceramic coated - what's the plug for? Can it be shortend to make up for added length of the turbo adapter?):

Here is my down pipe (no clue who made it - any ideas? This would be cut and rotated?)

Here is my turbo (vf39 - wtf, is all the build up on it from? also, doesn't appear to have any shaft play… I youtubed how to check that. No movement - good right?)

Here is my air intake (spt - what do I do with all the lines after installing the new inlet?)

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