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Originally Posted by recce02 View Post
You can DIY if you have some mechanical skill.
Buy/rent a coolant pressure tester from Autozone or local auto store that rents tools.
Really easy to use. With the car cool, take off rad cap and attach proper connector. Pump it up to proper pressure, a quick search will give you the right psi. While its under pressure look around to find the leak. Obviously radiator area, also turbo has coolant lines, throttle body has coolant lines, heater core lines go from drivers side on the back of the block to the firewall, coolant lines on the bottom of the block that go to oil filter, also the heater core inside the cab/lower portion in the center of the dash. You won't be able to see the core but any leak there will be damp.
When I took my car in im pretty sure they did that test. but they kinda said "well you look like you have a leak" so im guessing the test didnt show anything or maybe they didnt do it right? idk, i'll look into that. maybe the people at advanced auto could give me a hand. something tells me id over look some aspect on my own. but thats a good idea. im gonna see if any of my more engine savy friends know about that. thanks.

Originally Posted by pghana66 View Post
how many miles and is it the original radiator? my 02 oem was part plastic, the top piece. they start to get cracks n will seep coolant. this wont immediately show a temp rise on your gauge unless you r low on coolant as the cracks are passing more noticeable amount of coolant out of the system. not sur what come in the 05, but its worth a check. when u r doing the system pressure check n the engine is warm check along the top of the radiator for coolant seep. gl.
Im afraid I dont know how many miles the original radiator has. I think i may bring it back to the shop if the pressure test doesnt prove conclusive. thanks for the heads up.

Originally Posted by tebriel View Post
is there coolant on the top of the turbo coolant reservoir? Both of mine have leaks there, either from the hoses or the cap.
when I first bought the car there was, but it never did it again. so I kind of assumed that wasnt the issue. but i'll keep an eye on it. thanks for the reminder tho. i forgot about that until you just mentioned it.
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