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Originally Posted by datboia84 View Post
....its a stage 4 clutch with a 12ilb flywheel.
There's your problem right there.

from Vitek:

Stage 4 - .... It is not designed for your daily driver car. .... you will probably experience moderate chatter. ... it is either engaged or disengaged with no ability to ease into the clutch. Its optimum use is designed for rally racing.

Dont know exactly which wheel or wheels are having the problem, it does it only when acceleration when dragging the clutch a bit also in 2nd gear the car will do it when dragging the clutch a little bit. but it has had the issues before installing all the items ive put on.
It's not a "wheel or wheels". 02's are known to have clutch judder or chatter on the stock parts, just slip the clutch and let it warm up a bit and it'll be fine. By putting on some monster racerboi clutch you just made it worse. At this point you should just quit throwing parts at it and learn to live with it or go back to stockish.
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