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Default EJ22 Replacement

ok so I've searched and read all around and haven't really been able to find anything...maybe I'm not good at searching or maybe there's not much support for the ej22 I don't know but here's my question:

I have a 98/99 Impreza Outback Sport with an EJ22 in it. Recently I spun a bearing and I've read that its more cost effective to just replace the engine rather than doing the bearing (which personally I'd rather do anyways). So I'm in the market for a new engine but don't know what will fit in my car.

Now I know there are phase I and phase II engines and they switch over between 98 and there in lies the problem. I'm not 100% sure which mine is. My title says its a 99 but the badge on the door jam says 98. Which should I go by? Theres a couple of engines on eBay that say "6th digit 4" in the title which I'm guessing is for the VIN number...which my VIN also has 4 for the 6th digit. Is that enough to go off of, or is there another determining factor?

Also, I was just curious on how difficult the replacement would be? I've done swaps in the past but never worked on my Outback like this. I've seen the write up on the removal but not too sure about the whole process...I would think its straightforward but with cars you never know. I'm also going to have to replace the clutch and flywheel while I'm in there.

Any advice, suggestions, opinions or anything you want to provide or even yell at me or whatever would be appreciated haha. I'm totally lost as of right now and have to try to get this done within a few weeks.

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