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I have a 99 Outback and I've taken it through some nasty swamp mud and have also buried it up to the bumpers in beach sand.

I know my car's limitations, so I went AROUND this to get this.

The first time I went to that spot I cracked my front license plate and a rear mudflap in that swamp mud, so this second time back I went around it. My friend's jeep got stuck.

My Outback is great fun on backroads, sand, dirt, and even wet tarmac. The AWD will save your butt around turns and will recover from some very stupid maneuvers. The Outback is not a mud vehicle. The engine bay sits too low to the ground and you will coat every part of it with mud very easily. Engines do not like to bathe in mud. Also the mudflaps act as shovels and hold the car back in the mud, so even if you have forward momentum, the flaps will slow you down and sink you. My right rear flap is cracked, and I am about to intentionally crack the other ones so they will just break off under stress instead of trying to seperate the rear bumper.

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