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Originally Posted by LICmotorsports View Post
Hard to say why some get a lot and others don't...I honestly think only a select few get real sponsorship (something that keeps them going and charging forward).

We never had much via sponsorship in the past (yes we appreciated the support we got but it was beyond minimal...we still paid for EVERYTHING), so for the most part (99% of it) we did it all on our own dime and at 3-4 years of that and doing it at the level we were attempting to do it at; its just not sustainable in our business model, as we are a very small shop....Unfortunately there is no silver spoon over here, every dime earned here was being used towards being able to race and the enjoyment that went along with it. Its just not financially feasible on our own anymore.

The Underdogs was also not free, although it could of cost exponentially more it still was a pretty penny and even then sponsors didn't care in the end. Shocking to learn that myself while it was going on but its just how it works. You are either with the "In crowd" or not. I will say The Underdogs is now on TV in other countries, which is pretty cool. At least some places saw good value in it and liked the "real life aspect of it", not this phony "reality tv" style junk that is forced down our throats daily nowadays.

Who knows, maybe an investor overseas will come along and want to see the "Return of The Underdogs"....Now that would be pretty awesome if you ask me!

This was definitely one of the most terrible things I have ever heard. It's sobering to know that the world of racing can be so cold sometimes.

Any plans to continue competing on a more local level?

Coming from a small-time aftermarket dealer that works hand-in-hand with a small-time of luck to you guys, your race program was an inspiration to what the small guys can get done, and I hope to see LIC continue racing, even if it isn't at the national level.
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