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Originally Posted by QwikEVO View Post
It comes down to the fact people are cowards and don't accept responsibility for their actions.
Originally Posted by aleutdude View Post
It's my experience that this is the case, in a nutshell Rusty.
I'll agree, a large portion is that people just dont accept responsibility. I think it goes a bit deeper though. We as a society have become lax on instilling both pride and humility in the younger generations. "back in the day", if one did something improper, you were forced to apologize AND receive a whip/spank/swat, or sit in the corner of class. While maybe harsh, this helped instill a sense of respect and responsibility. You knew if you scratched dads car or broke moms favorite pot you'd be hurting. Likewise when you excelled, or manned up and "did the right thing" you were rewarded. Now-a-days we have become shells of our former selves. Call it "soft", "pussies" or what you want, but we no longer hold children accountable, and likewise they grow into adults that feel they are not responsible. With our current law system, we have found it more difficult to discipline a youth, and easier to place the blame elsewhere. To tie it together, without a proper upbringing that helps instill morals, values and respect, there would be no honor, as you would first need to know and understand respect in all its form before beginning to earn it. And one can not have honor without respect.

IMHO at least.

Originally Posted by aleutdude View Post
I truely believe the small circle of friends I have are all that keeps me from becoming a bitter misanthrope. More than that I'm lucky to have a Woman in my life that keeps my faith in humanity intact and reminds me to look for and see the good in others.
Ditto my man. I learned a few weeks ago just how many people I have in my little circle that I myself consider lucky to have. And I also have a wonderful woman that has helped me keep faith and to continuously seek the good in everyone.
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