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Originally Posted by northman View Post
the previous posters were complaining about the loss of midrange, following your suggestion seems like going further in the same direction.

I only know what I've read on here, but the EFR turbos claim to do both midrange and top end. Perhaps when those become a bit more common we will see how much of that is hype.
that has not been there complaints to me....both want more boost on the topend.

Basically....topspeed made 375whp, where's mine?

The complaint is really a combination of the increase in spool....and not so big increase in topend. Going backwards to a smaller turbo is not going to result in more topend.

The only way for them to go backwards in turbo size and pick up more topend is to go to a smaller turbo and utilize e85 or meth.

And as far as the "stock location" EFR turbos....they arent stock location. Its a rotated turbo...the turbo is just clocked the opposite direction to go under the intake manifold. You cant run them with a stock flanged subaru up or dp.

And companies arent retarded.....thats why all there testing is done by giving turbos/parts to shops with dynojets or dynapacks. My guesstimation based on yimi's dynojet numbers of the largest "stock location" efr is that it will make ~380-400whp on airboy on e85 and 300-320whp on 91. From there its up to the end user to decide if $3500 is worth that extra 400-500rpm of powerband down low. And to know that they cant easily upgrade past that point without getting a new rotated kit that rotates their bigger offerings in the normal direction.

Heres a "stock location" gt35 (ITS 60-1) i had in 2003. turbo was just clocked so that the intake was facing under the manifold.

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