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just a question: can turbo wrap damage turbo?
I have oil consumption problem too. after rebuild for first 100 km I used 15w40 mineral based oil. after that for up to 800 km I have used 10w40 (there was no oil coonsumption mentioned on the dipstick). after those 800 km I poured there motul Xcess 5w40 and wrapped the turbo (yea, the wrap was the best) and went for a 600km trip. after those 600km I was about 0.6 liter low on dipstick. after this I'm loosing about 0.5l every 1000km. then switched to delvac 15w40

no smoking issues, good compression readings, no blowby, PCV is disabled and crankcase is vented in atmosphere.

just wondering i that's due to overheated dead TD04. yes, there is shaftplay, but I do not know how much shaftplay is too much.
the turbo is not blowing any oil in intercooler. also, I did not notice any oil in hot side....

for information, after turbo wrap I was getting about +10 c more temp reading of oil

now turbo wrap is removed...
I use delvac mx 15w40. even after trackday with 5X 10 minute sessions I got zero consumption. I see that oil consumption is not load/high rev dependent, it depends only on milage. just was experimenting with DD use up to 3000 rpm for 600km, and still consuming oil too much.

jist wondering that's turbo? I'll be happy for it
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