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Love LOVE LOVE debt collection jerk-offs!

My HMO is connected to UCI Medical Center which is world-class with one exception (well, two actually...):

Their billing is totally screwed up.

Quite simply, insurance co-payment is due at time of service. There is a sign posted at every check-in counter at ever clinic, building, office, suite, etc. I've been to. And they abide by it: pay first, before you go in.

I started getting bill -- past due -- for insurance co-payments. Lots of them. Since I've saved the receipts, I just ignored them. Screw it.

Kept getting billed for co-pay already made. Dozens of them. For fun, I took a picture of the "Pay Now" sign at my primary care physician's suite lobby.

One day I decided to call the number on the bill.
Me: "I've already paid."
They: "What date is this for?"
Me: "I don't know; it's not on your bill."
They: "Do you have an idea about which date?"
Me: "I'm sorry, but no. I go to the doctor at least 12 times a year. If you are expecting money you probably ought to know what it's for."
They: "Ideally."
Me: "Should I mail you the receipt and a photo of the sign that says, 'Pay Now.'?"
They: "That won't be necessary. I'll mark it 'Paid'."
Me: "Thank you."

Not too bad, right?

OK, repeat that interaction a dozen times in the last 2 years.

Fast-forward to getting a bill from a collection agency stating it is for unpaid bills at UCI MC. Me calling the collection agency making them listen to me rattle on and on about how there is this sign -- "Shall I mail you a picture of it?" -- and how I have receipts but how they will have to give me specific dates because I have 100 of them. And so on.

Then I mentioned to them that maybe they should examine what sort of debts they're buying rather than just grabbing whatever is available. Yeah, phone droids love hearing that ****.

The 2nd thing bad about UCI MC is that it is the go-to place for every Orange County shooting or every drunk that falls off a roof or anyone who is sick or injured that has no money or insurance. But the good news is that as soon as they hear that you have insurance, you get the fast-track to VIP care!! "Are your feet cold? Would you like some UCI-MC booties?"

*le me, checkin' out hot UCI nurse...* ("I'd like some UCI-MC bootie, baby") ("Did I say that thought out loud?!!") I wonder how much the insurance got billed for those little booties...
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