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Originally Posted by aren040 View Post
I don't care as much about standardizing options or option grouping. It isn't the greatest for the customer, but it doesn't bother me as much as most on here. What bothers me is interior colors. Black, singlehandedly the most desired interior color in my opinion, should be the standard on all exterior colors and other interior colors really should be an option. Granted, that is just y opinion and I am sure that someone, somewhere, will disagree with me.
Exactly. Black/dark grey should be standard interior color and other colors should be an option. I live where it gets 100-110 for weeks on end during the summer. I don't mind black. I will not drive a car with a tan interior.

Originally Posted by gpshumway View Post
Having lived with a black interior, I have substantial preference for tan. I hate searing my butt on black leather seats when getting into a car that's been sitting in the hot sun.

Also, all black interiors are boring - no contrast. Especially in economy cars which may not have the production budget for trim elements made from brushed aluminum or wood. Since surfaces like the dash should always be black, a tan or gray interior provides an opportunity for some contrast without adding much cost.

On the staining issue, Subaru wised up a bit between 2007 and 2010, my dad's OBP Outback Ltd has black carpets with the tan seats and door cards. My car has tan carpets. I solve the carpet problem with MacNeill floor liners.
Sure if you are going with leather, then maybe a tan will be a better option. However I don't like leather. I prefer cloth and I prefer black. Having had cars with tan interiors, I have noticed that seats/fabric gets dirtier much easier (or at least is noticeable whereas black is not as much). In addition from my experience and opinion, black fabric tends to fade/wear much better than tan does. Does beings to look old and grimy earlier. I don't like that.

I don't care about the carpets. Make them blue for all I care since they will be covered by all-weather mats anyways. It is the seats that matters most. Especially when you have kids that come in and out of the car after school or sports practice/events.

I also like an all black interior for the way it flows with the center dash/console. A tan colored fabric is too much of a contrast and looks like a cluster-fu#k to me. Just stands out as a sore thumb. Now if the dash was earth-toned as well to match the fabric color, that is another thing. But black dash and tan seats does not go together. Like wearing tan shoes with a black dress suit. That is a big no no. Tan shoes with tan suit. Black shoes with black suit.
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