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Originally Posted by friendofpugs View Post
Before you flame a n00b, I asked Sky first and he said to proceed.

When you get a new Android device, what are the first five Apps you install?

I'm not looking for the "Top 5 Apps for Productivity" or "I install the top 5 most expensive apps I've bought from the Play store" - just what five key apps you couldn't live without. I must admit, the recent vote for the Nova Launcher got me thinking about this; I had never heard of it before.

And before you say "blast him with piss" my first Android phone was a T-Mobile G1, which I rooted and on which I played with many ROMs via XDA. However, my next phone was a HTC Evo 4G which I never rooted, and my current love is a GNex on Sprint, stock ROM.

My five essential apps are:

Angry Birds (whatever is new and free)
Robo Defense
Toddler Lock

What are yours?
titanium backup
ad away
voodoo root keeper
rom manager
es file explorer
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