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Originally Posted by neat-0-wrx View Post
actually if i had to venture a guess. a hot news lady would bring more rating, but that's her boss's problem not hers.

clearly her weight isn't really a problem. but the woman needs to learn to roll with the punches. if someone has a drinking problem everyone wants to step in, but a weight problem, woa! TABOO!

honestly, it it doesn't have direct effect on you, then dont complain, and this is one of those times. however, she made a big stink, because it bothered her, she called it bullying. it's not really bullying any more than a smoker being told it's going to kill them (which by the way is right on the lable. where is the anti bully advocates there. cigarette smokers should be free to die slowly in peace, free from awareness.)
He never said anything about being concerned for he well being, just the message she was sending to her community and girls in particular (which just shows what kind of person this probably is). Most likely this guy is some sort of crazy narcissist and she would've been better off to just delete the email...

Originally Posted by BacDoc View Post
Tact went out the window $147B dollars ago last year.

It's not bullying when you talk about facts, ugliness is subject, being fat is a fact. And its something that can be changed and right now its costing you and me lots of money to cover expanding health care costs for those poor choices.
Like I said above. NFL Lineman are 'fat' but are also in shape. I know people way larger then I am that could out 'jog' me.

Also, didn't we figure out that in fact fat people cost us less money since they die sooner ?

Originally Posted by f4phantomii View Post
This. And of course the broader media in general has picked it up and given it waaaaaay too much air time in support of one of their own.

What is strikes me most about this is the fact that we all know she and every other TV personality in the country *routinely* receive threats, complaints, and other general crackpot emails the contents of which would be considered far more 'bullying' than the one she singled out.

So yeah...I'm gonna go with the "hear me roar" aspect.
I totally agree that she should've just never brought this out to the attention of the public and is loving every minute of her new found fame...but that doesn't change the message she was sent.
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