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Originally Posted by elbertmurphy View Post
I too have gone the knock off route before and it ended with a turbo that didn't seal properly and i was out $800. if you buy a turbo from blouch or fp and it blows out within a year they will either repair or replace it with a new one asap. like i said i'm not knocking them i just want to see longevity out of them. the td06 with a 60-1 or the 25g sounds very appealing, but i don't want to be out another $800 dollars when i could just save up some more and know i have a good turbo is what i'm saying.
Didn't seal properly? You should have taken the covers off of the CHRA and checked the compressor seal. How come pretty much every other turbo car enthusiast group knows how to do this and actually build their own turbos, only sending the wheels off to get balanced? What is wrong with Subaru owners?

Anyway, update:

Squidz, yeah FP moved since 2001-2002 or my memory of that date is bit flipped.

After taking the chra off, I noticed a slightly bent turbine blade (bent upwards). I sent the CHRA back for a new one, but no one seems to have the 6.5mm shaft hole billet 25G compressor wheel in stock (Kinugawa has some 7mm shaft ones left, but those fit the TD07 based CHRAs). That, or Kamak has decided to go the Apple route and promote their own line of turbos at prices higher than FP or Blouch. They seem somewhat schizo about their pricing in talking with them. Kamak will be having a showing at SEMA this year, so who knows what they are planning.

However, Kinugawa was nice enough to be honest with me and refund $200 and send a regular TD06SL2-25G CHRA (FP Green Copy, but with a 5x5 blade compressor wheel).

The billet actuator is not built like the Forge Motorsports actuator (and neither are the Kamak actuators). It is still a spring and membrane type actuator that is simply serviceable. The Forge Motorsport actuator uses a silicon half moon that the spring sits against instead of a flimsy membrane. I plan on using my Forge Actuator with the turbo instead. Besides going external, nothing beats a Forge Motorsports actuator.

I'll have pics up soon. My slurry of upgrade parts are sitting waiting to be installed as I am performing service on my wife's car right now.

BTW peeps... My Blouch turbo seal wore out several years ago and I just keep the boost low. I will rebuild it for 50 bucks soon.

I did find this site for people looking for Billet wheels (they are making all types and bringing back some old school types):

Snail turbo.

Many places will balance your turbo.

Here is one example.

Midwest Turbo

Of course if you have a turbo shop locally, usually it only costs $50 when changing wheels.

You all have a turbo car. When upgrading, I suggest you learn about turbos and how they operate instead of jumping on a bandwagon.

So for ordering a turbo overseas, I initially paid $905 for the billet stuff. I ended up paying $735 dollars for a good turbo with all the installation parts necessary. Did I mention it has the advanced 25G wheel and the anti-surge compressor housing?

An ex-boss once told me, you can throw money at a problem to fix it. You can also throw knowledge at a problem to fix it. In this case my boss was wrong and the people throwing knowledge at the problem are still winning in that particular business (not car related).

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