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Default APM's Packages! + Services

About Us

APM Racing is founded under the premise that good work means quality, and quality looks good. APM Racing has had this mentality from the first day of opening its doors back in 2007.

A humble, well-organized, quality performance, aftermarket parts manufacturer and service provider, APM Racing is on the forefront of the automotive performance community. Reliability, dependability and integrity are the most important assets for everyday life, we just implement that tactic to our every day service.

Specializing in import vehicles such as Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, VW, Mercedes, Porsche and more, doesn’t mean much unless you have the means to fully operate on those vehicles. We here at APM are all about our customer’s satisfaction by expressing the craftsmanship and quality that is deserving for your vehicle. We satisfy our client’s needs with providing an array of service capabilities such as general maintenance, custom fabrication, diagnostics, tires, transmission service, engine overhaul and race preparations.

No matter what the task, what the problem, or what the want is for your car, let us help you in choosing the right path for you and your vehicle today.

The APM Way

There are no compromises to quality and craftsmanship, that is our goal, that is our motivation, that is what you will receive, an undoubting loyalty to the most outstanding service for your cars needs.

We’ve turned a passion into our lives work and we depend on our clients trust as much as they depend on our company’s service.
  • Custom Fabrication
    • Steel, Aluminum, Chro-moly
    • Intake and Exhaust Manifolds
    • Exhaust Systems
    • Intercooler and Intake Systems
    • Cage Fabrication
      • SCCA, NASA, NHRA and Formula D Specification Available
  • All Safety Equipment Installation
  • Custom Machining Available
    • CNC
    • Engine
    • Materials
  • Custom Suspension Servicing
    • Coilver Set-up
    • Corner Balancing
    • Alignment
  • Transmission and T-Case Servicing
  • General Maintenance on All Makes and Models
  • Race Preparation
  • On Site Pit Work and Race Event Maintenance Available
  • Full Line of APM Products backed by the APM Guarantee
  • Tech Support

Our technician Chris is a European vehicle specialists that has loved getting his hands dirty for over 20 years. He's worked with some of the premiere business in Europe ranging from Seat, Fiat, Peugeot, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Chris also has a devotion to the performance tailored clientele by not only working quickly but having a knack to get things done the first time around.

Our fabrication department is led by Ryan, he is an employee for the US Government with contracts around the world that employee these services especially for welding. Everything must be sealed, tested and retested to ensure quality, this will ensure that any and every aspect of our approach towards custom fabrication will be of the utmost quality and apply the APM Guarantee*. His work has been seen on an endless list of high horsepower, rally builds, NHRA spec and IDRC spec vehicles.

Due to our heritage, we service multiple vehicles for all aspects of motorsport. From Rally Services such as Rally America, Global Rallycross Championships, SCCA AutoX, NASA, MINI Instruction & More. We also offer services that allow you to literally rent us for track and service schedule events that utilize sanctioning bodies or if your short handed. We work with numerous sanctions that can assist you in not only certifying and being up to tech but assist with any questions for regulations and requirements.

CNC Services
Cylinder Heads-
We have many programs available that are not only affordable but premiere and of the highest quality ranging from Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda and more!

Custom CNC Components such as plates, adapters, pump hangers and more are available and all come custom to order, just let us know what you need. Below is a a program we have for the EvoX fuel pump assembly, fits perfectly in the carrier.

We also offer programs for custom drivetrain components, this being a lightweight 2 piece driveshaft that we utilize in numerous Rally spec vehicles around the world. Exceeds any competitors critical speeds barrier thus enhancing launch capabilities, through speed rotations, power to the wheels as well as a huge increase in drivetrain component longevity.

Our in house tuner has capabilities with not only open source, but being a dealer for Vipec and AEM allows us to work closely with those companies and has also allowed us to be able to work with Link, Motec, COBB, and numerous others. We've also introduced the availability to work with a European WRC tuner.

We also work with different engineers of the engine internal manufacturing side, utilizing only the best components, giving us the capabilities to produce custom engine internals that may be required for your aspirations and goals to be met. No one is saying to use our components in your 600hp applications as there are more than a couple companies that are able to handle that. These are more tailored to those who are seeking very large power numbers and high durability rates for road racing, rally and extreme abuse situations.

Arias Custom Component Pistons
R&R Aluminum Series Connecting Rods
Howard Billet Steel Connecting Rods

All are available with custom tailored specifications towards stroker applications to high revving, long duty track applications.

Quick example of our Arias and R&R EvoX setup just to show a weight difference in components.

Our drivetrian component availability will offer you only top of the line components and services. From true Group series gearing too REM and Shot Peening Services.

OEM Subaru Components
Group N (PPG)

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to find out a bit more on our company and we hope to work with all of you soon. I believe that this is a great forum with great support and a fantastic member diversity and we only hope to help bring more to the table.

We are committed to only getting you the best prices and service because we know that one experience can serve as a reminder for everyone that the one bad review can make or break someone.

I will keep this page open and simply add and remove things as they come and go but the majority of the first post here to stay and will be added upon as time goes on. Rear the paragraph below and it'll explain a bit more about this type of posting (makes thing easier for the end user).

As an opeing sale thread to the community, I'll start like this....

All material and service specials will be listed in a different way then you are used to. Each category will have two totals, one for purchasing a part alone, the other for purchasing the part with service and all-inclusive materials. It makes things easier for you guys so A) you know exactly what you are paying for and B) gives you a choice of whether or not to take on a service special or simply buy a part. Minimalism isn’t always the best thing, this way you, as a client, can simply scroll through and figure out which service you want and build your own estimate. Any notifications will be posted immediately under the service special pricing. So, lets start.

Clutch Kits for all GD Model Subarus (all install packages include AMSoil Sever Gear GL5 Gear Lube, Resurfacing of the flywheel, labor and Misc. Shop Fees)

Maintenance -

APM FULL 90K service

- Full Drivetrain Fluid Flush
*Rear Differential
- Engine Oil w/ Filter
- Engine Coolant
- Spark Plugs
- Brake Fluid Flush
- Cleaning or Replacement of Air Filter
- Replacement of Timing Components
*Timing Belt
*Balancer Belt
*T/B Tensioner
*B/B Tensioner
*Water Pump w/ gasket
*Timing Component Idlers
- Rotation of Tires
- Inspection and/or replacement of the following
*Brake Systems
*Suspension Components
*Induction and Exhaust Systems
*Vacuum Hoses and all connections
*Fuel Hoses and all connections
*Wipers and lighting
*Coolant hoses and all connections
*A/C System
- Lithium coat door hinges

OEM Timing Belt
OEM Tensioner
X2 OEM Large Idler
OEM Small Idler
OEM Gear Idler
NGK Iridium Plugs (+12.00 for STI)
Prestone Coolant
X2 Gates Serpentine Belts
AMSoil XL Motor Oil
AMSoil Severe Gear Drivetrain Fluids
OEM Oil Filter

1433.69^ or 1356.74*

>>Optional Gates Timing Components Kit<<
Includes all of the above – 1164.74^ or 1113.06*

No one will touch our prices or services. With the APM Guarantees, you know you’ll be safe no matter which route you go with!

Here are some of those prices that I talked about as far as basic installs are concerned…

***Updated Pricing***
Here at APM we specialize in you’re your vehicles performance, custom fabrication, maintenance, and tuning needs. Here are just some of the services offered by your automotive specialists here at APM.

Labor Costs
  • Proper Inspection Rate – 35.00
  • Hourly Labor Rate – 75.00
  • APM Product Hourly Labor Rate – 70.00
  • Custom Fabrication Services Per Hour – 100.00

  • APM Tuning Rate Per Initial 2 Hour Block – 350.00 ---250.00 if performed with in house work!
  • APM Tuning Rate Every Hour Post Initial Block – 120.00


***New Update***

ACD Tuning options and dates will be added soon. These will be via appointment only utilizing our OTS mapping.

3 Stage maps have been produced for the enhancement of your driving. From the mild to the wild. Each stage incorporates 3 maps for the ACD switch.
  • Mild - Tightening up your basic system to react mildly quicker through the
  • G's and enhancing every aspect of the factory settings.
    • Enjoy the tarmac setting like never before being able to not only take that on ramp that much quicker but have the confidence to enjoy those sloping, tight back roads that pucker you up a little on your drives home form work.
    • Your gravel will introduce the real fun for those who like to get dirty and play rough. No more needing to really get the car thrown into the turns just to get her sliding! When you first get going you'll notice how the car is gripping and really starting to boogie!!!
    • Snow, from the safe drivers on these winter roads to the hooligans getting some fun in the lots...the difference is remarkable. One big thing with the ACD unit is that it reads of the G force applied thus enabling the torque distribution...when your sliding, your not exerting G's. This is the fix for those who simply keep sliding and needing to keep the speed up and crazy just to get out of a turn. You'll have the most fun when your going to do a simple doughnut in the snow...because your front end won't put you in a pole!!!

---Pricing for Mild Service--- 350.00
  • Median - The above settings are heightened and tightened also allowing for quicker launching and ET. 0-60 times improved as well as the ACD functions for the short course and AutoX guys.

---Pricing for Median Service--- 380.00 (from reviews over the weekend, this is the most popular service)
  • Wild (custom) - This is for the serious enthusiasts and weekend warrior's that are not afraid to get the car out for some aggressive handling.
    • Tarmac is setup as a custom map, tailored for the basic duty of driving for street and strip.
    • Gravel is a fully custom map for the vehicle tailored to what you will desire.
    • Snow, this will be the most aggressive of all the maps. This will be for the track and the track only. Taking into account a driving style so that the map is catered to you. Track duty and track sessions will be required (via Joliet or Road America Raceway) The price of this service will include the travel and accommodations for the tuner with all services, food and lodging costs covered through the recipient.

The Wild System can only be done when the WRC Tuner is in house and available for this service. Prices are setup per service upon acknowledgement for all pertaining costs.

Tires and Alignment
  • Corner Balancing Service – 300.00
  • Tire Mounting and Balancing Services
  • Mounting and Balancing of Wheels and Tires (Per Wheel) 12-19" – 25.00
  • Mounting and Balancing of Wheels and Tires (Per Wheel) 19-22" – 30.00
  • Tire Disposal Fee – 3.00 (per tire)
  • Evolution 8-9-X and most Subaru Four Wheel Alignment Per Hour (sub-contracted) – 100.00

Quick Time Service Specials Listed Below
---Mitsubishi Evolution I through X and Subaru---

Maintenance Services
  • Oil Changes starting at 60.00 (AMSoil Synthetic Motor Oil w/ Filter)
  • Bring you own oil and filter and get it done for 15.00

Drivetrain Services
  • All Subaru Getrag Gearboxes Drivetrain Flush and Fill – 50.00
  • All Subaru 5 Speed Gearboxes Drivetrain Flush and Fill – 75.00
  • All Subaru GC and up Clutch Replacement – 350.00 w/ resurfacing of the flywheel (*350.00 minus flywheel)

Suspension and Brake Services
[*]Evolution 8-9-X & DSM Front & Rear Brake Pad and Rotor Installation – 160.00 (*190.00)[*]All Subaru GC and up Lowering Spring Installation – 175.00 (*200.00)[*]All Subaru GC and up Coilover Installation with Setup (Includes Alignment) – 350.00 (*450.00)[*]Evolution 8-9-X and Subaru Four Wheel Alignment Per Hour (sub-contracted) – 100.00[*]Evolution 8-9-X and Subaru Roll Center Adjustment Kit Installation - 225.00[*]PM for Misc. Bushing Installation Service Pricing [/list]
General Installation Services
  • Turbo Charger Installation starting at - 150.00
  • Intake Filter Kits - 25.00
  • Turbo Inlet Installation (non hard pipes) Starting at 100.00
  • Top Mount Installation Starting at 50.00
  • TGV Removal and Installation Starting at 185.00 + porting service fees of 150.00

  • Gauge Installation - 75.00 per gauge (Oil Pressure and Oil Temp 100.00, fabrication time for bungs additional)

    Exhasut System
  • TBE Install Starting at - 150.00
  • CBE Installation Starting at – 60.00
  • Manifold and Up Pipe Installation Starting at 280.00
  • EWG Setup and Installation Starting at 150.00

    *Ask us about the APM Price Special*

Other Services Provided by Auto Performance Modification…
  • You will receive advice in all aspects of your build to ensure the best quality parts are used to your satisfaction.
  • Complete Inspection before and after vehicle receives service
  • Full Race Car Build for SCCA Auto X, SCCA Rally America, NASA Regulations, FIA, NHRA and other sanctions as well as Time Attack Regulations
  • Race Car Preparations with Full Service Reports
  • Engine Overhauls and Swaps
  • Any and all Engine break in and maintained procedures will be thoroughly listed and explained for warranty purposes.
  • Electrical Component Installation
  • Custom or Regulation specific roll cages and safety equipment installation available
  • APM is also available for on-track vehicle servicing for Rally, Time Attack, and other racing organizations
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