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I have found a simpler solution to the boost creep problem when using a MBC.

It involves using an industrial micro pressure relief valve just prior to your MBC.
You are getting boost creep because the waste gate is starting to open ever so slightly before the target boost you've dialed in has been reached

Example: Say you've dialed in 15 psi on your MBC......At 6 psi it's already starting to open, and by 12 psi, it's really starting to open, until you reach full open at your setting of 15 psi.

With a micro pressure relief valve plumbed just prior to the MBC, this valve will positively prevent ANY pressure from getting to the MBC or wastegate, thus eliminating boost creep. When the pressure approaches your MBC target, the valve opens instantaneously and whoosh!, the full 15 lbs. goes to your MBC and the MBC regulates the pressure to allow the wastegate to open and vent the excess gases.

The other beauty to this is that you can adjust this valve so that your boost comes on as hard or as soft as you desire...

Using our example of a 15 psi target, if you dial the relief valve to "pop" at 14 psi, boost will come on incredibly fast... on the other hand, you could dial the relief valve to "pop "at say 10 psi, there by eliminating most of the creep, but still have a smoother boost build up to the target..

Keep in mind that the pressure dialed into the relief valve must not exceed what your MBC is dialed in at, to prevent overboost....

Any thoughts, comments, hate mail, appreciated......
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