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Post SWIC get-2-gether (feeler) (2.0.1)

Hey guys this cruise was a big hit in 2008 and I really feel like we had a great time with it for those who went and those who are still around who went I think would agree. So I am trying to get this put together again!

The trip will be to a recreation area at Canyon Lake sometime in December so pick the day that best suits your schedules. So this will be a BYO food and drinks. There will be pick-nick tables and grills to use there. (After I have closed the poll I will make an OFFICIAL BBQ cruise thread.)

*Here are some updated dates to chose.

R.S.V.P List



OK, now for a few common sense "rules":
We like our meet, and we get no problems from law enforcement nor rent a cop security, and we want to keep it that way. Following a simple code of conduct should do just that.

First, this is not the set of the fast and the furious. Free revving your car is not necessary, nor does anyone other than you think its cool. Please refrain from doing this outside of your own (closed) garage. We don't want the Subaru crew to get the ricer label like the Honda crew do we?

Second, parking lots have drawn out spaces for a reason. This reason is not to drive through them topping out third gear. There are pedestrians and other motorists who may not be looking for you to be speeding through the parking lot the wrong way. The last thing we need is someone to smash into an innocent person. If you want to open it up a little, we all like hearing exhaust/wastegates/turbo spool, but please do so on the roads or areas designated for driving not parking.

Third, as impressed as we all are with your uber-cool subwoofers and rattling, please kick it down a notch. Again, we don't want to be looked at as hooligans or cause excessive noise. Its nice for the mall security and police to roll by to check out cars, but not so nice when they are coming over because we are causing a disturbance.

Fourth, this one hasn't been an issue yet but while we are on a roll might as well grab it. The parking lots are not a trash can. If you have trash, keep it in your car and throw it away when we leave. Again, we do not want to draw unwanted attention nor piss off the mall and get kicked out. If you are not bringing your momma along to pick up after you, please do it yourself.

Fifth, and final. Use your head. If it seems like you shouldn't do it, don't. Burnouts in In in Out's parking lot (obviously this one wasn't a Suby), cutting people off, etc. should be held to a minimum. We are here to have a good time, not deal with ignorant behavior. What you do on outside of the meet is up to you, but when you are with the group you represent us all.

If anyone can think of anything else, let me know and I will add it.
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