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So a few weeks ago, I notice my front grill had suffered a lot of rock chips due to highway driving and thin paint. I decided to remove it, paint it flat black and then put a coat of clear on:



Had to remove and clean the roof surface

The Wifey helped me.

Afterwards, I removed the roof trim and repainted that with a special plastic paint and cleared it.

Then I went in for a checkup at swapshop, I was hearing a grinding noise from the 4.44 5 speed that was matched to the Ej207 Version 6. They let me know something was wrong with the tranny and that they wanted to fix it or replace it.

Then I talked to the gentleman who works there, Maxime. He pretty much told me that the 4.44 was a loud transmission and that they hadn't heard the grinned until I brought it in this time. To make a long story short,

I decided to go with a 6 Speed Version 7 STi transmission swap. (Not my picture)

Needles to say, the difference is immense, the gears are much shorter and the car is much much more responsive and scary fast. In terms of Gas economy, well I did 412 km with 38L, which is pretty good for a 1200kg/300hp awd car.

I'm enjoying the steady pull of the six speed and the way it feels for highway driving and everyday driving. There really is little to no lag and the car just feels better. In terms of the noise, well it's immense, the six speed is quieter.

I also notice that the clutch was much much easier to handle on a daily basis. But that's because my other transmission had come with some aftermarket crap.

All in all, I'm enjoying my car. I just bought another set of tires/wheel for winter to fit (BBS STi with Artic Claw Studded tires). I'll take pics when I put them on.

I changed my rear link kits, look how destroyed they were:

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