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Originally Posted by SubWrx13
Ok so I basically bought a wrx in lets just say essentially unknown condition.

Heres the known:

02 132k engine
Bigger intercooler
aem intake
3"turboback exhaust
Aluminum radiator
Hks bov

Since purchase 1 month ago....:

Misfire 2 &4

New coils
New plugs oem
New fuel filter
Cleaned MAF (ran worse when disconnected)

Got in car wont shift...
Fixed with
Different tranny (05)
Installed boost gauge

CEL still on...
Boost flutters ONLY when holding throttle up at 15lbs boost for a while between 12-17lbs
Lag on power..
extremely jerky under load ...

Now reads

Installed new bosch $200 sensor

CEL finally off!

I think im in the clear car is running great!!!!


Now boost gauge flutters all the time in vacuum under low load especially if holding at a constant speed.
Vacuum holds at 20 during idle. Boosts fine. Holds 15lbs fine no flutter. Only on low throttle is there flitter now but it goes crazy!! Wierd that it only started after new o2 sensor.

Could pipe have cracked during o2 replacement?? It was terribly stuck in there. Had to pay shop $30 to remove it.

Now a day later... got a new code on again!!! Now its the rear o2 sensor. Forgot code numbers but essentially
02 sensor code: bank 1 sensor 2
02 stuck rich
02 stuck lean

Is it possible my ecu is just crap? Why do I keep needing new sensor after the other? Im getting so frustrated that im seriously considering never getting another subaru again... Please help!!! Im not a mechanic and I clearly got screwed here..

Also when I start the car in the morning there is a terrible knock somewhere in the engine compartment until it warms up...
Well all subs tick untill they warm up my 08 wrx,my 02and my 07 all knock untill warmed up man
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