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I'll say this, getting on a soap box to preach about a situation, however heartfelt it may be, sometimes brings unneeded or unwanted attention to the situation. The best policy is to let things roll (and in your case be supportive of your wife).

Truth is, I love the typical crossfit girl. Muscle is sexy. There gets a point, that regardless of the athletic accomplishments and dedication required, that it becomes a turn off.

Take for instance some of the bone heads that are in the fitness thread that only care about being huge. If I was a woman, I wouldn't be attracted to a west side barbell guy or a Ronnie Coleman type. It becomes so overwhelming, so overdone, that its just not as attractive physically or mentally. People that reach those levels are so goal oriented that they become one dimensional. other aspects of their life are neglected to satisfy their goal.

I live by fitness as a lifestyle, but I never thought I could be so repulsed by the amount that people talk about working out until I've talked to my fellow crossfitters too much. They've actually caused me to reevaluate, take a look and think wow, I get it when people say you should be able to eat a piece of cake every one in awhile. It's okay to do something for enjoyment outside of just health and fitness.

I see that girl. I see she's dedicated. I realize how long it took her to accomplish that and it's just not high up on my attractive things list.

I understand that I took it upon myself to turn the conversation to sex and attractiveness but it was just a quip.

But hey, I also get I'm not attractive to some girls because I'm 5'8 165lbs and they like 6'+ 200lb+. That's okay. They're entitled to what they like. Plus they were probably a buncha skanks anyway.
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