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Originally Posted by gumby1976 View Post

As far as the XV's appearance it looks like an Impreza, the slight change around the fog lights, black moldings and a few more vertical slats on the lower grill do not make a new model. If I blind folded you and put you in the front seat you couldn't tell the difference between the two.
Personally I think they should have done more to separate the two from each other. Do I think the XV will sell as is? Yes, but it think it would have sold better if there were more changes.
The Impreza to XV is the same as a Legacy to Outback. The XV isn't just a raised Impreza. The body is raised 4.1" and the ground clearance goes up by 2.8". It's had quite a few revisions including a more reinforced chassis, more sound deadening, a shorter wheelbase, and wider track to name a few. The DNA is obviously Impreza, but the actual structure is anything but an Impreza with a lift.

Originally Posted by subyski View Post
Subaru did the same thing with the Legacy wagon and Outback, pretty much identical except for more rugged looks and ride height, but became a hit. This ultimately led to discontinuing the wagon from the North American market. Subaru did the same thing with the previous generation XV and I wouldn't be suprised if the Impreza hatch eventually disappears from the American market and SOA be in favor of the XV.

There are plenty of new Impreza in Colorado that travel up to the mountains and soon plenty of XVs. The vehicle is adequately powered. Sure it can use more but that is why the Forester exists.
The Outback didn't kill the Legacy wagon in the US... The American disdain for wagons killed the USDM Legacy wagon. Hatchbacks have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity with the youth in recent years. I would expect the Crosstrek to cannibalize some Impreza Sport sales, but the 5 door Impreza line will remain mostly untouched.
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