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Originally Posted by gumby1976 View Post
I will never understand why they made this car it's own model. It looks identical to the 2012 Impreza outside of the ride height, same powertrain. XV Impreza anyone?

I'm not even saying that it's a bad car but as it sits at the very least it's name should be Outback\Impreza Sport.

Building a car to look more rugged the giving an underpowered engine makes about as much sense as a spoiler on pickup!

You should see them side by side. We got ours in and it looks considerably different. I keep laughing at how small an Impreza looks sitting next to it. I love it though. The power is fine for me. Been driving it around now that it isn't a semi controlled training event.

Originally Posted by gumby1976 View Post
My wife has a 2012 Impreza hatch and the bogus mpg ratings do not justify the low power. She averages 26.5 mpg in a 50\50 split city and highway and rides on the highway at a consistent 65-70 (My 02 RS got better MPGs with more power.). Keep in mind we live in CT so we only have large hills forget living anywhere with actual mountains.
Her previous car was an 09 Forester so the Imp was an improvement in the MPGs but no where near what is claimed, I'd assume this will also be the case with the XV.

I have a line of customers that will disagree with you. A couple of them reporting 41mpg highway and a few others saying they are averaging 33mpg.

Originally Posted by subyski View Post
Subaru did the same thing with the Legacy wagon and Outback, pretty much identical except for more rugged looks and ride height, but became a hit. This ultimately led to discontinuing the wagon from the North American market. Subaru did the same thing with the previous generation XV and I wouldn't be suprised if the Impreza hatch eventually disappears from the American market and SOA be in favor of the XV.
There are plenty of new Impreza in Colorado that travel up to the mountains and soon plenty of XVs. The vehicle is adequately powered. Sure it can use more but that is why the Forester exists.
I doubt that. Looks and mpgs will keep the Impreza 5 door around(Sport incl).
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