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Dom 1.5xtr + PPG's


i am so glad this thread was revived and really took off! A lot of good discussion here with lots of useful info!

I think my findings are summed up nicely by Ron and xluben:
The power delivery of the 1.5 vs VF is smoother and more friendly.
the powerband is less forgiving than a VF as if your not in it your not in it
the power gained by running low boost is not worth the tradeoff of no midrange for slightly more topend.
to make this turbo, or any large turbo worth the tradeoff in midrange, you really have to run high boost. And the only way to do that is meth or e85
i dont think any big turbo should be run without alky of some kind, following this logic.
i jumped the gun and ordered parts before talking to my tuner and now im paying the price.

for me personally, i will be getting meth before i do anything. from there i can either see what the 1.5 will do. go to the 10cm 2.5 if i want top end. or go down to an 18gxt and run high boost and get good midrange, with high boost on meth.

as i am still on stock block, personally going to a large turbo was kind of moot. i cant really push any large turbo to get the most out of it without fear of my block going. i dont think i have an easy way out of my situation without spending a ton of money, but we all knew that from the beginning lol

hypothetically lets say my goal is 350 whp/wtq on stock block. would the 2.5xtr be overkill for this power level? with all the discussion about it not being worth it unless high boost iis run, it seems this turbo is more of 400-450 range. perhaps i would be better of running meth on an 18g? i really dont know what to do at this point
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