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First off, don't cross post. I deleted your post in General.

Next, you didn't like sitting and learning calculus or literature but a Bachelor's degree isn't meant to teach you only things you want to learn. The whole idea is for you to learn how to learn. Get back in college and do your work. If you don't, plan for a lifetime of $10 per hour jobs and struggling to keep your 20 year old Hyndai running.

So you think you want to work on cars but don't know how because you didn't get along with your dad? BS. My dad knew zip about cars. Nothing, nada. He understood that when he put the key in the ignition and turned it, the car magically could then go. I learned all about cars and engines and mechanics by a driving curiosity. I've since built a Factory Five Cobra by myself, modified a racecar and kept it going for 5 years plus 30 some odd years of keeping daily drivers running. You could certainly go to UTI, but without the actual drive, you're not going to come out with anything but a piece of paper and nobody's going to hire you. I bought a car a few years ago from a guy who graduated from UTI and he couldn't even install a new alternator. I knew that because the alternator was somewhat hanging in the car, not hooked up, not attached even. I asked him about it and he said he couldn't figure it out, so he gave up.

Look at all the other threads about becoming a mechanic. Lots of long time mechanics have gotten into this because they love cars and many (not all) of them say they absolutely hate the job and don't work on their own cars anymore because they hate it so much. I took my own career in a completely different direction (electrical engineer) so when I leave work, I leave that at work and when I get home, I can do car work and not be totally burned out.

c/n: go back to school or be doomed.
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