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2003 WRX w STI V8


Stock MAF Housing/Air Box.
FIC 1100cc Injectors.

I just don't understand the randomness.

I suppose I can use a stethoscope and see if the injectors are sticking or sound different. Get that out of the way.

Update: I've made some changes to my idle via Warm Up Enrichment. The car idles very nice 14.8 A/F for a majority of the time, once it reaches 95c (coolant temp) the A/F drops to around 14.5. Not bad considering I have no o2 plugged in. So I was watching the car warm up for a solid 20 minutes. No issues, was good. Very happy with myself. Decided to shut the car off and restart it. Still running nicely. Awesome. Did this 4 times.

Well now on the 5th time. BAM 11.5 A/F. Same warmed up motor, nothing changed, nothing. Like seriously nothing changed. It just went god damn rich for no reason.

I busted out my stethoscope and touched the metal bracket of the injector (these brackets don't make contact with any part of the motor). I herd every injector tick. Nothing out of whack. My mind = BLOWN. It took a solid 5 minutes or so for the A/F to go back up, but to around the 14.0 A/F mark. After that, I decided to restart the car again and it went pig rich 11.5 A/F again. I reved the motor to empty the fuel and shut the car off before it went back to being pig rich.

Fuel pressure at start-up is 3.3 bars then after 10 seconds it drops to 2.9 bars and maintains said pressure. The fuel pressure is identical when I'm pig rich and when its running a solid idle. MAF voltage/g's are the same in both situations.

I should have logged this but I highly doubt this is it. Highly. Since the latency is voltage dependent maybe for some odd, retarded reason my battery drops below the 14v mark and this causes the latency to switch?
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