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Originally Posted by curiouskevin View Post
So I had my 2013 Impreza for about two weeks now and I noticed something when driving on the highway.

When cruising around 60-70 mph, the car quickly sways left and right. The steering wheel doesn't jerk or anything, instead the car jitters. This only happens sometimes on the highway, but it's pretty obvious and kind of annoying.

I'm not sure if its me just getting used to Subaru's AWD or if its the uneven road that I'm on. Maybe even both?

Anyone else experience this?
Originally Posted by curiouskevin View Post
2013 Impreza Sport Limited, CVT.

No crosswinds. The weather is pretty calm here in L.A.

But like I said before, it only happens sometimes during my commute in the morning. Always at speeds of 60-70 mph, and it never happens in the city.

I was thinking that it could be the tire pressure. I have them all at ~35psi.
Originally Posted by jay25RS View Post

1. Not everyone is going to describe exactly what is actually happening using the same words that mean the same thing to 2 different people... So he might be experiencing something that I would explain differently if I was writing about how his car felt than how he did.

2. Toe out definitely would cause a sensation that I wouldn't describe as stable. Excessive camber can cause weird feelings too. My increased negative camber vs my stock alignment now causes much more wandering when the pavement on the highway varies.

3. It's at least a cheap/ free option to get the alignment checked to see if it might be negatively effecting the handling of his car.

Source: What I've experienced when listening to someone describe a problem on the internet. Different alignment settings on my own car. Toe out on my own car.
1. Sounds to me like he described it pretty explicitly. I don't really know how it could be thought to mean anything else than what he actually said, considering he used details.

2. Toe out would also cause the car to not feel stable at speeds below 60-70 as well as in the city, both of which he described as happening explicitly between those ranges and only on the highway.

3. You are correct, it would be free or relatively inexpensive. However, in this case, it's kind of a waste of time if he is specifically looking for reasons that are causing his specific problem.

Source: You replied like a smarta$$

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