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Originally Posted by GhostR1der View Post
Why is everyone hating on him for wanting to have warranty and mod? I am obviously missing how this hurts the rest of you in anyway? If he has minor mods without breaking into the motor and something goes wrong then I believe it should be replaced under warranty. Now if he mods heavily and blows it up a different story. I don't know many people who do not mod their cars in one way or another and when you take a performance turbo car its gonna get modded.
What so many people fail to understand is that the issue isn't warranty AND mod, it's warranty OR mod. You can't have both. Subaru does not say "well, this is a minor mod that contributed to the failure, so we'll cover it".

The reason people start "hating" on those who try to defraud Subaru by returning to stock is that it makes Subaru look very, very hard at any failure on these cars. Even someone with a bone stock WRX or STi can be affected by the actions of a few dishonest people.

The vast majority of cars on the road are stock. You hang out with a crowd that enjoys modifiying their cars. However, there are a LOT of people that buy a WRX, STi, or other "performance turbo car" and are completely satisfied with the stock performance, so the cars are never modded.

Modifying your vehicle is your choice, and your responsibility. As has been said, "Pay to Play".
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