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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
I think that is a wise statement Jumpem.

I think we have been pretty much spoiled by the vast amount of overpowered family haulers around these days. 270 HP Camrys and accords is just complete stupidity. We had a 84 tercel with 4wd when I was growing up as our family car. We put 190000 miles on that car with no issues. It weighed 2800 lbs if not more, and it had a 87 HP engine. It was fine on trips across the country, we merged just fine, we never had an accident because it was too slow.

To everybody who is moaning about the 148 HP the XV has, get use to seeing these power to weight figures. With the 2025 CAFE rules coming, this is your future.
Amen to that. The power complainers around here are a bunch of bed wetting spoiled brats. I owned a 1993 Ford Ranger with the 3.0l "Vulcan" V6. Decent low end torque, but it made ~145hp IIRC, weighed 3500+ lb and I would tow a 2,500lb boat/trailer combo with it. It was fine, you had to wind it out when towing, but big deal.

We have such an embarrassment of horsepower riches here in the US. Look at the cars people actually buy and drive in Europe. I'm not talking about the ones we enthusiasts drool over which nobody can afford to buy or fuel. A 140hp 2.0l diesel hatchback or compact wagon is considered a pretty nice family car, and they drive on the autobahn and tow 2,000 lb travel trailers with cars like that.

God I sound like a curmudgeon. You kids get off my lawn!!

It comes down to low fuel costs and pansy blue haired baby boomers who think they're being vulgar or something if they ever rev their car over 3,500 RPM. My parents are this way. They bought an Outback 3.6 not because they need 250hp, 170 would be plenty for them. What they did need is a car that makes 170hp in the bottom half of it's rev range because they're too scared to put their foot down and wind it out.

My mom is shopping for a new car and the XV is on her list. We'll see if she can adapt to the power band. Her current car is a 2000 Jetta Tdi. All of 90hp, but 150ft-lb at 1,900 rpm.
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