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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
I think that is a wise statement Jumpem.

I think we have been pretty much spoiled by the vast amount of overpowered family haulers around these days. 270 HP Camrys and accords is just complete stupidity. We had a 84 tercel with 4wd when I was growing up as our family car. We put 190000 miles on that car with no issues. It weighed 2800 lbs if not more, and it had a 87 HP engine. It was fine on trips across the country, we merged just fine, we never had an accident because it was too slow.

To everybody who is moaning about the 148 HP the XV has, get use to seeing these power to weight figures. With the 2025 CAFE rules coming, this is your future.
Guess you don't live or play at elevation?

Originally Posted by gpshumway View Post
We have such an embarrassment of horsepower riches here in the US. Look at the cars people actually buy and drive in Europe. I'm not talking about the ones we enthusiasts drool over which nobody can afford to buy or fuel. A 140hp 2.0l diesel hatchback or compact wagon is considered a pretty nice family car, and they drive on the autobahn and tow 2,000 lb travel trailers with cars like that.

You are forgetting that car is also putting out ~240-250 lb-ft @1500-1600 rpm. Not 145 lb-ft @ 4200rpm. Big difference. Guess you also don't live or play at elevation?

Originally Posted by Brahmzy View Post
Way underpowered. At 6,200ft in CO here, this is a no-go. You'd have our foot in the thing the whole time. Anemic up here. I'll take one for a spin, but I can already see it comin. Just like the BRZ.
Exactly. Unfortunately those living and playing at sea level don't understand.
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